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8 Malware Facts and 8 Tips to Help Keep Your Business Protected!

22nd November 2016
8 Malware Facts and 8 Tips to Help Keep Your Business Protected!

Like most people, I get a lot of emails. Some completely unrelated but some that offer interesting information related to the industry we are in.

If you are reading this (Cheers mum) then there is a high chance you are involved, in some form, within IT (Mum – that stands for Information Technology).
Whatever capacity you might work within, one thing you won’t be able to hide from is Malware.

The cyber baddies have done a very good job of making this big business and sadly, they are only making the problem bigger as time goes on.

What does this mean for me and you? It means we need to be educated.

So in a bid to save you time, I thought I would share some facts that I have collated from the “relevant” emails I have received. (and some from other

Cue dramatic music!

  1. 80 percent of organisations have been the victim of a cyber-attack during the past 12 months
  2. 38% of all security incidents are down to careless/uninformed employees. And yet 38% of SME businesses don’t offer any form of IT security awareness training for staff
  3. 14% of UK businesses reported suffering a Ransomware attack in the past 12 months. 26% for firms with 50-999 employees.
  4. Only 2 in 5 UK companies say they’re 100% sure that their network has not been compromised.
  5. Kaspersky Lab report seeing 310,000 NEW endpoint threats per day! In 1994 it was 1 new virus every hour.
  6. The 2nd most common cause of a serious data loss is predicted to be though Ransomware
  7. 24% of businesses in the UK hit by Ransomware, pay the ransom.
  8. Ransomware makes more annually than security businesses sell for

I appreciate the above might look a little worrying but sadly, it is. Malware is having a major impact on businesses of all sizes.

Fear not, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk. While some of these steps might involve investment of time and money, you can start with some
more simple practises to help cover the basics.

So here is the advice from our Technical Team!

  1. Back up, then back up again!
  2. Blacklist malicious websites
  3. Train staff on the basics – That email might look like 50% off your next ASOS order, but is it?
  4. Keep software up to date. Patch today!
  5. Regularly scan every network component
  6. Enforce a strong password policy for all business applications
  7. Invest in a world class email gateway with embedded AV technology
  8. Perform regular security Health Check


Matthew Hibberd – Marketing Director