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8 Things to Consider

18th May 2015

1 Detection

This is without doubt the most important aspect to consider. The fundamental reason security vendors exist is to keep us secure from threats. That has to be the priority when selecting your next solution. It sounds like an obvious point to make, but some businesses let other aspects take control, which could leave them exposed.

Although all credible security vendors will happily share their award stories, there is also a wealth of information that can be obtained highlighting
both the pros and cons of each vendor’s solutions and how they fair against rugged tests. Independent reviews can really help give you an insight into
the performance of a solution before you have even engaged with the vendor. And for complete peace of mind, don’t skip the proof of concept stage.

2 Innovation

The threat landscape is evolving daily and although security solutions are more advanced than ever, the attacks on businesses from hackers and cyber criminals are also radically advancing.

Looking at what a vendor can offer today is not enough. As threats evolve so must the solutions we implement.

A credible vendor is one that dedicates a big part of their time & investments to research and product innovation. This highlights sustainability,
customer focus and drives trust and loyalty. An innovative vendor is one who wants to achieve the overall goal. To keep ahead of the threats.

3 Integration

The investment you have made in your IT infrastructure should not prevent you from moving forward with your security, but, you need to be certain once the deployment has been made it integrates well with your network, this is a pivotal point to research before investment.

On top of this, consideration into future growth and plans should also be a topic for focus. For example if you plan to move to a virtualised environment,
will the proposed solution fit this model?

Using a “trusted Advisor” reseller who wants to understand your future plans and current pains should without doubt play a pivotal role and give you the
confidence in selecting the correct solution.

4 Scalability and Manageability

As new threats evolve and your business grows, a scalable security suite is paramount. Not only will it ensure the total cost of ownership but it gives you flexibility, efficiency and results in a sound investment over the term period.

A key area of concern that is being addressed by security vendors is the management of the solution and the visibility it can offer of your network. Your
solution should allow you to:

  • Manage and protect without boundaries – Giving visibility into your security posture across your entire infrastructure.
  • Get risk-aware visibility and rapid response across your entire IT environment – Assess changing risk through real-time correlation
    of evolving threats correlated to events, users, systems, data, and countermeasures within your organization.
  • Fix what matters most, first – Direct countermeasures and actions to block events and mitigate risk according to asset value.
  • Operate with high efficiency – Create a security command and control core that spans devices, applications, networks, and databases.

5 Trial & Support

All confident security vendors will offer a trial licence for you to test their solutions. This gives you full exposure to the product and allows you to have complete visibility of how the solution will fit within your network before a commitment is made.

Trialling a product will not only give you a hands on “try before you buy” approach but also give you an insight into the support you will receive if you
purchased the product. A high % of support questions can come at first installation so now is the time to find out what service level you can expect
to receive.

6 Price

Price is always a factor when looking at any new solutions. Budgets are being stretched more and more and proven ROI is being dictated by Board of Directors.

Security costs can be hidden. If your business never has any issue from hackers and threats then it can be difficult to justify a spend. However, you only
need one break in your security to open a large number of potential issues and the list is extensive

  • Downtime
  • A huge loss to profits
  • Loss of confidential data
  • Major brand damage
  • Loss of trust and damage to relationships with suppliers & Customers
  • Large fines
  • Major compliance issues
  • Unhappy staff

And this is just a few to get started. Security should be a top priority. Without any doubt, prevention will always be better than cure. Having 100% trust
in the solution you have should be the only answer. Working with an experienced supplier will allow you to not only select the best solution but select
a solution that works within your budget, or if necessary, help you build a case to secure more budget.

7 Deployment

This can be a major reason not to select a new security product, even if the current one is proven not to be working for the business. The thought of the time and money to run a project to replace your security solution can be enough to keep any IT professional up at night.

Times have changed! Vendors know this can prevent change and, some, have dedicated time and money to ensure this is a painless exercise. Software included
within set solutions can now seek and uninstall current products on all devices with very little interaction.

The key is to ask your supplier about implementation support and if necessary, ask for a case study of how it has been done.


8 Case studies

Perhaps obvious and simple but case studies can give you an in-depth look at the vendors work.

It will show you the pains and goals the vendor is experienced in and should give a clear picture of the overview of the project outlining initial pains,
project goals and importantly, the outcome.

Remember, an unhappy customer will not agree to a case study. So if your vendor can’t offer any, it might not be a good start.


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