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29th April 2015

Many of you will have heard of Crypo-Ransomware, Ransomware or maybe even Cryptolocker. Some might have even had to deal with an attack. But what exactly
is it?

In simple terms, it is a malicious program that encrypts files on a user’s computer and is virtually impossible to decrypt. After the attack, the user
will often be displayed with a countdown timer and be ordered to pay a substantial fee to the creator in order to be given a key to unlock their encrypted
files. Nasty right?

This type of attack for any of us would be incredibly frustrating. However, think of this at business level and we have a whole different ball game. If
the creator targets a machine with very sensitive data the ransom being ordered to pay could be substantial, and let’s not even talk about the other
negative factors like brand damage.

In order reduce risk, we need to look at the stages of Crypto-Ransomware and how to stay safe.

Credit to our partner, iSheriff for help on the blog. iSheriff are actively helping customers prevent a Crypto-Ransomware attack. 

As always, prevention is better than cure. For one, it costs less!


Matthew Hibberd

Marketing Director