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Down with Office365, Long Live Office365

6th April 2018
Down with Office365, Long Live Office365

A large proportion of UK Microsoft Office365 users were left ‘up the creek without a paddle’ on Friday morning as many UK businesses were unable to log-in
to their accounts. Independent website, Down Detector, reported that 62% of the Office365 issues reported to them were log-in issues and another 18%
server connection problems.

The official line from Microsoft is that there is an ‘authentication issue’ preventing users accessing their accounts.

Despite this downtime, Office365 is still a huge improvement on Exchange on-premise, which I’m sure has given IT Managers the world over numerous sleepless

That being said, this downtime has given rise to another question, and being a Cybersecurity company one we have to ask – can organisations afford to be
without their Cybersecurity defences if a similar episode happens to bring these down?

On the face of it, Microsoft offering security products to their army of users makes sense, it’s a technology they’re familiar with and in many cases its
comparably inexpensive compared to other more dedicated security tools on the market, however can you afford to be without your security tools if Office365
goes down?

The answer in most cases is a resounding no.

Office365 is and will remain to be a critical part of ITB’s infrastructure, however we would rather entrust the security of our network to dedicated security
vendors who live and breathe, like we do, cybersecurity.