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So what is MVISION ePO? – Find out HERE!

15th October 2018
So what is MVISION ePO? – Find out HERE!

As one of the leading security Vendors, McAfee doesn’t stand still. They have proven this time and again by developing some of the most trusted security solutions around. MVISION ePO is another solution that will prove invaluable to customers. Particularly those trying to protect against advanced threats, whilst maintaining an easy to manage security ecosystem.

MVISION ePO, part of the MVISION solution family, is a Software-as-a-Service management tool. It will ensure that businesses can continue to manage their whole endpoint security estate from a single management console.

ePO is McAfee’s award-winning central management console which many analysts attribute to McAfee’s success. The new iteration, MVISION ePO, unifies the security management of your device estate. Not only can you manage McAfee’s MVISION Endpoint Security through the console, but now also the native controls built into Windows meaning you can use shared policies cross solution.

Cloud-Based ePO

Accessed and managed via any browser, MVISION ePO completely negates the need for expensive, difficult to manage, on-premise infrastructure. The platform is also continuously updated so you will always be on the latest and greatest version.  This allows your IT team, and in particular, Security, to concentrate on what they do well – keeping the bad guys at bay.

The ability to manage your endpoint security estate efficiently has never been more important. The shortage of skilled security staff is only getting worse, so having just one console to learn and manage your entire estate from is going to help.

McAfee MVISION ePO - Console Overview

Analyst Benefits

The console will give security analysts critical visibility into security events. They can also set and automate policy enforcement as well as bring together Risk Management and Incident Analysis. MVISION ePO will also feed results directly into your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system to help give you an overall view of your estate.

To help with risk management, the platform will prioritise risk and provide an overview of your security posture. Further to this, analysts can drill down on events to gain more insight.

For more information on MVISION ePO, contact the team on 01865 595510.