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Defending with Defender – What you NEED to Know!

DATE: 06-09-2019
TIME: 10:00

Defending with Defender – What you NEED to Know!

The launch of Windows Defender has helped businesses deal with an unprecedented number of known attacks at a fraction of the cost of traditional security solutions.

With attacks now at a record level and budgets stretched, many businesses are clambering to deploy the cost-effective, basic protection on offer through Windows 10 – Defender.

Whilst the basic protection will cover businesses for ‘known’ Malware, the Advanced Protection required to protect against more stealthy threats is costly and will leave businesses overwhelmed with multiple management consoles.

Despite creating somewhat of a Security & Risk vs Cost headache for IT, there is hope!

Join us for this short 30 minute webinar and learn how you can overcome these obstacles whilst simultaneously increasing your security posture.