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Spear Phishing – The top 7 subject lines are…

2nd October 2018
Spear Phishing – The top 7 subject lines are…

Spear Phishing is still one of the most effective ways a hacker can infiltrate a network.

According to Symantec, each employee within an organisation will receive 16 malicious emails per day. That equates to approximately 320 per month or 3280 per year.

This gives hackers roughly 3280 chances per year to catch each of your employees off guard.

But how are they doing it? Below are the top 7 subject lines hackers are using to catch your employees unaware…

  1. Assist Urgently
  2. Invoice
  3. ‘Bank of…’ or ‘New Notification’
  4. Verify Your Account
  5. ‘Copy’ or ‘Document Copy’
  6. Action Required: Pay you seller account balance
  7. Amazon: Your order Number: #XXX XXXX has arrived

All of these require the user to perform some sort of action and therefore unleash malicious software across their estate.

To mitigate this risk, ensure that you have robust security, remediation and incident response measures in place and communicate/educate your employees so they know what to expect. Not only can they use this knowledge in the workplace but with the number of connected consumer devices increasing this is information they can use outside of the workplace.

A number of our vendors, including Barracuda (Sentinel) and Trustwave, provide solutions to tackle this problem.

For more information on these contact one of our Barracuda or Trustwave specialists on 01865 595510.