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End of Life doesn’t have to mean End of Security!

End of Life doesn’t have to mean End of Security!

As Windows Server 2008 nears its End of Life date, companies are striving to ensure they are protected throughout the transition period.

From preparation to Migration and beyond, it’s essential that security is factored in.

Despite this being a monumental task for businesses there are 3 options:

1, Purchase Extended Support from Microsoft
2, Upgrade all Hardware
3, Do nothing and hope for the best

The problem is that some of these are options aren’t really that.

Purchasing Extended Support from Microsoft is costly, not all hardware can be upgraded due to running legacy software and we really wouldn’t recommend doing nothing!

But wait, there is a 4th…

4, Virtual Patching

Virtual Patching can help by shielding known and unknown vulnerabilities. Virtual Patching acts as an agentless emergency security tool that enterprises can use to quickly remedy vulnerabilities on affected servers and endpoints.

This Whitepaper by ITB Partner Trend Micro explores what it means for businesses as we edge closer to the Windows Server 2008 End of Life date and…

1, The Risks of End of Life Systems
2, Staying secure, Before, During & After Migration
3, Continuing to use an End of Life Platform

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