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Vulnerability Management for Dummies

Vulnerability Management for Dummies

Get all the facts and learn how to run a successful Vulnerability Management Program with Wiley’s latest ‘Dummies’ guide.

The internet has transformed the way organisations do business. Whether you’re a small business with a handful of machines or a 50’000 device business the chances are you will be using the internet daily. Whether you’re using a simple Web-Based CRM or a complex trading platform, the software, built by humans is inherently vulnerable.

It’s these vulnerabilities that need to be addressed before they are exploited by hackers so the importance of running a comprehensive vulnerability assessment of your software cannot be understated.

The eBook will:

  1. Explain the critical need for Vulnerability Management (VM)
  2. Describe the essential steps of a successful VM Program
  3. Outline solution options – including the pros & cons of each
  4. Note the benefits of using automation to continuously monitor your network
  5. Provide a 10-point checklist for removing vulnerabilities

Download the Wiley’s ‘Vulnerability Management for Dummies’ eBook here…

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