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Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) has recently emerged as a critical foundation for realising your business benefits in terms of cost savings, management control, operational efficiency, and most importantly, business growth.

Enterprises need access to information and applications scattered across internal and external systems. Moreover, they must provide this access for a growing number of identities, both inside and outside the organisation, without compromising security or exposing sensitive information.

The most vulnerable link in your network is your users and their identities. And as you move more business-critical applications and data to the cloud, you need to grant these local, remote, and mobile users, and their identities, easy access. To accomplish this you need access controls that extend enterprise-class security beyond the traditional firewall.

While BYOD and SaaS applications can increase agility, achieve high ROI, and accelerate time to market, businesses must rethink how to manage user identities and access. Without the right solution, your business could find itself at risk from dramatic increases in identity theft and corporate data loss. You will also be managing a never-ending flood of passwords and help desk requests.

The solution is to provide the right people, with the right access, at the right time, which can be done through strong authentication, authorisation and user management.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced security with strong, multi-factor authentication
  • Improved productivity and user experience for IT and end users
  • Reduced IT administrative costs
  • Flexibility to secure identities on-premise, in-cloud and from devices