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The amount of data we hold has grown at a rapid rate and is continuing to do so.

Data is only as useful when you have a good storage plan in place, because it is difficult to manage when data is scattered across different locations and susceptible to loss.

There are various options when choosing what type of storage to use, and it is essential to find the most suitable and cost-effective option for your business.

ITB understand that it is very rare to find two identical data centres. With this in mind, it can be a difficult task to filter through the best vendor for your needs. However, we do understand that regardless of data size, when selecting a suitable solution you need to consider if it is simple to manage and implement, accessible, reliable, secure, scalable, within budget and measurable.

Whether you need high-capacity or high-performance storage, or a combination of both, we can work together to create the right solutions for your business

ITB work with the world’s leading vendors of storage solutions. From design to implementation to support we are perfectly positioned to help lead your storage projects.

Our portfolio includes:

  • SAN Storage
  • NAS Storage
  • Hybrid Storage
  • Cloud storage
  • Converged Storage
  • Data Archiving Solutions

With ITB you choose simplified, scalable, responsive solutions that don’t limit your future options.

We provide secure, highly available data storage solutions and help you to store more data on less disk, whilst keeping it available 24/7.

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