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Cloud Security

The “cloud” is growing at a rapid rate. Whether for consumers, small businesses or enterprise organisations, it can offer huge benefits.

But what is this cloud that everyone is talking about? In short, cloud computing is really a form of outsourcing. Applications and data are placed in the data centre of a cloud services provider rather than in a company’s own data centre. Since companies only pay for what they use rather than the entire cost of the real estate, power, communications, systems, software and facilities management, this approach can appear very attractive in these cost-conscious times.

Although Cloud Computing technologies are increasing rapidly it is still common for many organisations to raise a cautious hand before fully leveraging the benefits of the cloud, citing concerns regarding data loss and unauthorised access. Many businesses are reluctant to rely on cloud providers to solve these challenges. Therefore it is important to have the security and policies needed to prevent any threats to your business and remain confident.

Using our key vendors ITB provide Cloud Security that helps organisations safely and confidently leverage secure cloud computing services and solutions. Rather than adopting the unique — and sometimes unknown — security practices and policies of each cloud vendor, we can allow businesses to extend and apply their own access and security policies into the cloud by securing all the data traffic moving between the enterprise and the cloud, as well as data being stored in the cloud itself.

Key Benefits

  • Compute in the cloud with more confidence 
  • Overcome common cloud computing security concerns and compliance obstacles by extending corporate security and policies to apply to cloud traffic.
  • Secure all your critical data
  • Protect, identify, and classify all critical data while it moves between your business and the cloud — email, web, and authentication traffic.
  • Operate with more efficiency and flexibility
  • Reduce IT drag by combining data loss prevention, email, web, and identity and access management under a single, modular-based platform.
  • Protect the sensitive information in your databases
  • Take advantage of the increased scalability, flexibility, availability, and the lower costs offered by the cloud, while carefully monitoring data to make sure it is protected.