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Mobile Security

A number of important trends now dominate the mobile marketplace.

For the first time, volumes of employees are able to connect their own personal devices to corporate IT networks. This introduces a whole new set of challenges in securing corporate data while enabling productivity gains.

Device diversity no longer means the focus is on Windows XP. Mobile has not only Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Mobile, but – for example – each hardware device for Android has a slightly different implementation of the OS, making software development and support that much harder.

App Explosion is changing the way we create, consume, and use software. Traditional endpoints relied mostly on email and web for the application framework. Mobile delivers a whole new freedom in custom applications. But each new application – either public or private – introduces new threats and risks to corporate IT. Mobile threats are emerging, and Android’s popularity as a platform and the openness of its ecosystem is resulting in it being targeted more often than other platforms.

Mobile devices, whether it be smartphones or tablets are being used in business more than ever before and with the introduction of BYOD this increase, while helping improve profits and productivity, does present a security risk. Mobile devices carry critical business information which results in your private data being more vulnerable.

It is well documented that threats can come from all angles, lost devices, unauthorised device usage or even a disgruntled employee looking to damage your brand.

Deploying, managing and securing your mobile IT environment need not be complicated or expensive. Mobile Device Management (MDM) makes the secure configuration of mobile devices painless and straightforward, while a mobile agent is installed on the device to provide the protection you need against today’s threats — even on employee-owned devices!

Mobile security has the following benefits:

  • Access control by user, data, and device
  • Enforcing of authentication and encryption
  • Remote locking or full wiping of devices that are lost or stolen
  • Independent anti-malware software to protect Android devices from malicious code
  • Support of corporate- and employee-owned devices
  • Easy, over-the-air provisioning and policy distribution
  • Remote partial wiping of device which preserves personal information while protecting corporate data
  • Support for the most used consumer devices including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone
  • Mobile dashboards, views, and reports that are customisable or standardised
  • Analytics, alerting, monitoring, and reporting
  • Identification and blocking of risky devices
  • Role-based administration
  • Drag-and-drop actionable dashboards and alerts that are mobile specific.
  • True end-to-end security and compliance visibility