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Network Security

A venerable network could have a major impact on your business and your brand.

In today’s busy environment networks carry more traffic than ever before. Monitoring this traffic for threats, sensitive information and any risk to downtime is vital. IT departments need full visibility and they need it in an instant.

Traditional Network Security has been blind to attacks, provides too many alerts failing to correlate these alerts to identify real attacks and has had no focus.

The closer you move to effective security, the faster you realize that you need to understand the relationships between applications, security risk, bandwidth consumption, and exposure. Users tie into all of those categories because they generate the most activity in your network. You need to understand what applications are actually running in your environment, identify what applications should be allowed to run, and ensure that you build accurate rules for them. Through this understanding, you can use security tools to cut out unwanted traffic and drive toward better performance and efficiency.

The goal is to control communications inside the network while gaining visibility.

Ultimately, you will be able to cut out excess traffic, improve your security posture, utilize bandwidth more efficiently, and reduce your exposure to threats.

Take control over the availability and health of your network to keep employees productive, safeguard business assets, and preserve your brand reputation.

To achieve the right level of proactive protection, you need a system of powerful and effective intrusion prevention sensors. To manage and control who accesses resources on your network, you need accurate network access control appliances throughout your network. And, to manage and analyse the flow of traffic across your network, you need network behaviour analysis.

As you deploy these distributed devices, you need a solution to maintain their efficiency, visibility, response time, and policy compliance.

ITB work with leading Gartner suppliers to provide industry class Network Security that allows:

  • Proactive Management
  • Predictive Threat Protection
  • Unparalleled threat prevention
  • Advanced Botnet Detection
  • Policy-Based Control
  • Application management
  • Extensible Architecture
  • High performance