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Effective security starts with real-time visibility into all activity on all systems, networks, databases, and applications.

IT environments are growing ever more distributed, complex and difficult to manage. It is business critical for security teams to be able to quickly and effectively discover unknown threats hidden inside the vast amounts of data generated in logs. They also need to know when system activity doesn’t match normal business patterns. This makes the role of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology more important than ever in today’s business environment.

SIEM technologies are helping businesses of all sizes improve compliance management, and help safeguard them from data breaches and fraud.

Proactively viewing and preparing for evolving, advanced and persistent threats, and minimising the impact of those threats by enabling you to collect, analyse, and assess security and non-security events for rapid identification, prioritization, and response are all core benefits of SIEM solutions from ITB.

Businesses need a SIEM system that can handle a much greater variety and volume of data, while also providing security staff with analytic tools that quickly lead them to their most pressing security issues. To be truly prepared, security teams also need actionable threat intelligence covering the latest tools, techniques, and procedures in use by the global attacker community. Organisations which process sensitive and confidential information also face conflicting pressures to keep this data secure and also allow access by authorised users.

Through our strong relationships with Gartner leading vendors, we can offer a SIEM Solution that will allow you to:

  • Monitor one complete picture of security activity
  • Manage evolving threats with confidence
  • Know how network and security events correlate to real business processes and policies
  • Set policies, rules, and thresholds that will generate alerts and launch mitigations
  • Reduce audit effort and expense for multiple regulations
  • Collect the data and context you need throughout your enterprise