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ITB Partner Avecto named McAfee’s most valuable Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) partner

18th October 2017
ITB Partner Avecto named McAfee’s most valuable Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) partner

As a security reseller, we’re in a privileged position in the Cyber Security world. On one-hand, we get to hear directly from our customers about their
biggest challenges, whilst at the same time hearing from our partners and vendors about their latest and greatest solutions. It’s then our job to connect
the two.

One of the biggest challenges IT Security professionals face is the negative impact security product silos have on the overall security posture of a business,
through their inability to share threat intelligence. This is the primary reason why McAfee launched their Data Exchange Layer (DXL), and tagline ‘Together
is Power’.

The DXL communication fabric, allows McAfee products to talk and share information with products from other security vendors, including Forcepoint, Checkpoint,
Boldon James and Titus amongst others.

One of these companies, Avecto has been recognised by McAfee and named as their most valuable SIA partner.

Avecto’s DefendPoint product, can be fully integrated with McAfee’s central management console ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) and will give joint customers
the ability to quickly and successfully remove admin rights, with client deployment, policy management, centralised auditing & reporting and actionable
intelligence all powered by the McAfee ePO console and our TIE/DXL integration’

Ananth Appathurai, VP of Strategic Alliances, Avecto

This is great news for Avecto and also for ITB as it further confirms our confidence in Avecto and their ability to address two of the biggest security
challenges – working to least privilege and helping reduce the siloed approach to security.

To learn more about what Avecto do in the Admin Rights Management space stay tuned to our Blog or call us and speak with one of our Security Specialists on 01865 595510.