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ITB Partners identified as the top players in the DLP space!

28th March 2018
ITB Partners identified as the top players in the DLP space!

It’s a common known fact in the IT industry that we’re well past the data ‘big bang’ and the amount of data being created on a daily basis is increasing
at a scary pace. There are indeed some exciting times ahead when you consider what can be achieved with this data, not only in the IT industry but
in other fields such as Medicine and Engineering amongst others.

This explosion of data, although exciting, brings with it many challenges. Much of the data being created is sensitive in nature and valuable to the companies
creating it. Sadly, as is the case with anything of value, it brings with it unwanted attention. This coupled with much tighter regulation means that
protecting this data has become hugely important.

The IDC, a Global Marketing Intelligence firm recently reviewed several of the key players in the Data Loss Prevention space, including ITB partners, McAfee,
Symantec and Forcepoint who are the top three vendors in the IDC’s report in terms a capability and strategies.

The IDC report looks at the main strengths and challenges of each product featured above using 4 key DLP measurement metrics
– Discovery, Monitoring, Blocking and Encryption.

To qualify for inclusion in the report all of the solutions mentioned above MUST provide:

  • Both an On-Premise or Cloud version that is focused on the discovery and/or monitoring of multiple IT architectures to uncover and track sensitive
  • Discovery and/or monitoring products that can be purchased stand-alone or as part of a suite of products.
  • At least $10 million in worldwide company revenue, with at least $5 million of this coming from the DLP areas.
  • Operations in EMEA, the Americas and AsiaPac.

The full report can be accessed here – IDC Vendor Landscape – DLP