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Meet our New Vendor – Avecto

21st September 2017
Meet our New Vendor – Avecto

As part of our continued determination to offer our customers only the best Cyber Security solutions,   ITB are happy to announce that we have
recently joined forces with THE world leader in Windows Privilege Management – Avecto.

Avecto helps organisations work towards the Holy Grail of Least Privilege by completely removing admin rights across the business. According to Avecto,
removing admin rights mitigates 97% of critical Microsoft vulnerabilities.

Avecto’s flagship product, Defendpoint, allows you to grant privileges to individual applications, tasks and scripts, never to users. Ensure a positive
user experience with customised messaging, seamless elevation and flexible prompts.

Defendpoint’s seamless integration between privilege management and application control makes it easy to remove admin rights, with pragmatic whitelisting
rules that make it simple to set up and maintain.

Defendpoint allows you to meet least privilege and access management guidelines by removing privileges and whitelisting trusted applications across
all endpoints, even in the data centre.

With Defendpoint Insights you gain access to trend reporting and analysis to demonstrate compliance with NIST, DFARS, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR and many

To find out more about how Avecto does this contact us on 01865 595510.