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MVISION by McAfee – the future of Endpoint Security?

9th October 2018
MVISION by McAfee – the future of Endpoint Security?

If you want to double up on protection but not your security management consoles then look no further than McAfee MVISION.

Every business whether big or small deserves standard protection. This is where Windows Defender comes in.

Defender is a popular product, and rightly so. Housed within the Windows10 Operating System it is providing organisations across the world with good, basic, cyber security protection. What’s more, it provides this protection completely free of charge.

This, therefore, gives businesses the confidence to concentrate on what they do well – provide products and/or services.

Some organisations though face a huge number of threats on a daily basis and need more than just basic protection. In fact, it’s not just the number but also the varied type of threat that so many organisations struggle with. Naturally, therefore, they need more than Defender on E3.

Introducing McAfee MVISION

McAfee MVISION, a new set of security products released by McAfee will compliment Windows Defender installations with advanced security features. The products, MVISION ePO, Endpoint and Mobile will allow you to manage your entire security estate, including Defender from a single SaaS management console.

Available in November, McAfee MVISION will give you file, file less & behavioural machine learning analysis.

The extremely lightweight agent is rolled out through ePO (stay tuned for more information on MVISION ePO in later posts) and is available to be deployed across multiple devices including:

  • Computers – Linux, MacOS & Windows
  • Servers – Linux & Windows
  • IoT – Various
  • Mobile – Android & iOS

In the unlikely event files on your devices become encrypted, MVISION includes impressive roll back features. These features allow you to quickly and easily recover files that may be held hostage by Ransomware.

Couple this with protection from credential and password theft, attack behaviour blocking AND machine learning capability and you have a cost-effective, advanced security solution that compliments Windows Defender perfectly.