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8MAN are a supplier of Access Rights Management solutions.

Each person within an organisation should only have access to the data and information they need to do their job, however this is far from the case and over time as employee’s roles and responsibilities change or people leave, users are often left with access to sensitive information irrespective of whether this is required for their job.

With legislation now tighter than ever before, it’s important to make sure that only users who need access to sensitive data have it.

8MAN’s Access Rights Management solutions will allow an organisation to understand who has access to what data and what routes people use to get to that data, you can then use 8MAN to manage these rights so you can rest assured that data is being accessed only by those that need it.

For an introduction to 8MAN watch the video below…

Key benefits of using 8MAN for Access Rights Management

  1. 8MAN gives organisations the ability to quickly analyse and identify who has access to which resources in your IT Environment.
  2. 8MAN will give you the ability to document every change in rights of access across various technologies and environments and displays the information in one intuitive interface.
  3. 8MAN helps organisations work towards the most important and current legal and regulatory standards, including BSI, SOX, ISO & PCI DSS.
  4. 8MAN is completely audit-proof. Reports can be generated quickly and easily showing performed accesses and changes in access rights. All access rights are fully documented – Active Directory, on File Server, in SharePoint and Exchange.
  5. Auditors and Data Protection Officers can create reports independently and access historical documentation.
  6. Minimise Risk and Reduce Cost. 8MAN only takes a small amount of time to roll-out and within a short space of time you will be able to analyse the current state of your permissions structure and visualise the results.
  7. 8MAN minimises potential financial losses through data breaches by limiting access rights on a ‘Need-to-Know’ basis.

To speak with an ITB 8MAN Specialist contact us on 01865 595510 or request a callback.