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Avecto provides a range of products aimed at reducing a hacker’s attack surface. Hackers are known for targeting privileged user accounts, particularly those users with Windows Admin Privileges as breaking into these accounts gives them access to a multitude of sensitive data and systems.

Many Users with Admin Privileges have always been notoriously difficult to keep track of and Avecto’s flagship product Defendpoint helps an organisation move to the holy grail of least privilege by completely removing Windows Admin Rights from the network and giving users access ONLY to the applications they need to do their job. Avecto say that by deploying Defendpoint you will be able to mitigate 97% of Microsoft Vulnerabilities.

ITB see Avecto as a key strategic partner, even more so as they are one of McAfee’s main Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) partners.

An organisation using Defendpoint will realise 4 key benefits:

Achieve Compliance – Many security guidelines will advocate the removal of admin rights across an organisation as this drastically reduces the attack surface both for Internal and External threats.

Defendpoint allows you to meet least privilege and access management guidelines by removing privileges and whitelisting trusted applications.


Operational Efficiency – By focusing on the end user experience and assigning privileges only to the applications, tasks and scripts your employees need, you can drastically reduce the amount of helpdesk calls and operational IT costs.

These teams will no longer be plagued by users requesting admin rights to install applications and they won’t have to keep logs of who does and who doesn’t hold these privileges.


Stop Insider Attacks – Insider threats (both accidental and malicious) account for roughly 40% of all data breaches. By
ensuring all employees have just the right access to perform their day to day job function you create a highly secure environment and drastically reduce the opportunity for accidental or deliberate insider threats.


Prevent Attacks – Scarily, 80% of security breaches involve privileged credentials. By employing a product such as Avecto you can prevent attackers from gaining access to sensitive data.

The removal of local admin rights will help prevent malware from executing by giving IT more control of the applications permitted to run within your environment.


Defendpoint is available for both desktops and servers

Defendpoint for Desktops will allow you to protect your entire Windows and macOS desktops, enabling least privilege across even the largest organisations and highly regulated industries.

Defendpoint for Servers helps an organisation to extend protection from the device to the data centre and remove admin rights from your most powerful users. With Defendpoint for Servers, you will get the same management console and experience as Defendpoint for Desktops.

To find out how Avecto and ITB can help you remove Windows Admin Rights without affecting end-user productivity contact us on 01865 595510.