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At a time when the network has become more dispersed legislation has, at the same time, become tighter than ever before. This, simply put, means that the reprimands for non-compliance and data breaches are more severe, despite the fact that network security is more complex than it has ever been.

Before you can protect your network you need to know what your network looks like. Forescout is a technology that will help you discover, control and automate the security of the devices that are accessing your network.


CounterACT from Forescout can help you understand what type of device is connecting to the network (Laptop, PC, Printer, Camera, BYOD or IoT) who owns the device (employee, partner, contractor or guest), where and how they are connecting and what the device hygiene is. Upon deployment Forescout will also uncover rogue devices and unauthorised applications on any device connecting to the network.

Further to this, it will alert you if any unpatched devices come on to the network and automate the response to certain device based threats. For example it can disconnect an unpatched device from the network leaving you with peace of mind knowing that only authorised, clean devices are connecting.

Forescout is completely agentless (unless you want an agent based product that is!) and it can be deployed as either a virtual or physical appliance.

To request a demonstration of Forescout’s CounterACT product, contact us on 01865 595510.