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Thycotic is one of the leading lights in the world of Privileged Account Management (PAM). When we talk about Privileged accounts in the Thycotic sense we think about Windows Server, Unix Root, Firewall, Domain Admin and Service Accounts. If these accounts fall into the wrong hands it can open up the network to a multitude of sins including data leakage.

Sadly, many of these Privileged Accounts still house simple username and password combinations, meaning they’re very much open to a breach. Thycotic’s PAM solution Secret Server will help an organisation improve complexity and rotate their privileged account passwords whilst not affecting IT Admin productivity in any way.

Thycotic is focused on the most vulnerable attack vector – privilege. With Thycotic you can adopt a multi-layered approach that covers your privilege security needs from endpoints to credentials, ensuring protection at every step of an attacker’s chain. Privilege Manager is installed with hundreds of customers, including large, global enterprises and organizations that demand adherence to the strictest security and compliance requirements.

Secret Server

Available in on-premises, cloud, and free editions. Creates a fundamental security layer managed from a single console to protect against cyber attacks that use these privileged accounts to strike at the core of the enterprise.

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Privilege Manager

Provides advanced security to implement and maintain least privilege best practices without hindering business productivity. Uses policy-based application controls for whitelisting, blacklisting and greylisting for both domain-managed and non-domain endpoints.

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ITB has identified Thycotic as a vendor that is ideally positioned to help our customers with one of their most complex challenges which is why we see the partnership going from strength to strength.