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Want to take the fuss out of Patching Third Party & Windows Apps? Then read on…

19th September 2018

Ivanti, an amalgamation of Shavlik, HEAT and LANDESK is to IT Security what the Rolls-Royce is to the car industry.

Did you know that up to 86% of application vulnerabilities can be mitigated through regularly patching Windows and Third Party Applications.

This Infographic beautifully illustrates how you can be more Productive, Secure, Cost-Effective AND UNIFIED by using Ivanti for all of your patching needs.

If you want:

  • Automated patching for third-party applications and operating systems
  • Additional features beyond patch management, such as application and device control, privilege management, reporting, etc.
  • Advanced reporting to help meet compliance requirements

Then please do let us know!