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Performance or Security – You no longer have to choose!

12th July 2017
Performance or Security – You no longer have to choose!

No longer do you have to make the choice between performance and security across your virtual estate – you can have both!

We all know why we virtualise our environment – to gain maximum efficiency from our Infrastructure, why then do many organisations still run traditional
endpoint security across their virtual estate?

Of course, this is an easy option, however if you have gone to all the effort of virtualising your estate why then compromise on performance?

By running traditional EndPoint Security across a virtual estate, each VM must carry its own anti-malware engine and signature database, each of which
must be updated individually. This means that processing power, RAM and disk storage is used up, significantly reducing the consolidation ratio you
fought so hard to achieve.

A build-up of Scanning ‘storms’ will also impact performance considerably each time simultaneous anti-malware scanning takes place. Manual intervention
can help, however, for an organisation that runs multiple VMs this will become far too time consuming to be a viable option.

One option that isn’t available, is not run any Endpoint Security across your virtual environment – and believe us some companies do try it! Cyber threats
are a significant risk to organisations making it absolutely imperative that some form of security is deployed.

To help claw back performance an organisation can run virtualisation specific security across its virtual estate. There are several deployment options
available when it comes to virtualisation specific security, including Agentless deployment for VMWare NSX and Light Agent (small agent deployed on
each VM) for any Virtualisation platform.

Whether utilising an agentless or light agent deployment a Security Virtual Machine (SVM) is span up which takes the weight of all scanning functions,
freeing up precious VM resources.

A survey by Forrester as far back as 2011, found that rolling out a VMWare VDI Infrastructure yielded a 255% ROI over a 17-month period. With the advancement
in virtualisation software and the ability for a company to run specific virtualisation security it is hoped this ROI will increase and the timescale

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