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Privacy for Business

12th April 2015
Privacy for Business

Privacy for Business

Privacy is such an ambiguous subject. What privacy means to one person could mean something completely different to the next. We’re hearing a lot more
about privacy issues in the press recently and there is clearly a growing concern surrounding how we can manage our own as well as our company privacy.

What does this mean for Business?

Privacy issues are affecting businesses. The rise in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and employees downloading and using their own applications for business
as well as personal use is not helping the situation. There is also the increased risk of employees connecting to unsecured networks while out and

In November last year, the big brother watch reported that the NHS have suffered at least 7,255 privacy breaches in the last 3 years which is the equivalent
of 6 breaches every single day*

According to the Ponemon Global Cost of Data Breach Study 2014, the average cost paid for each stolen or lost record increased from $136- $145. However,
having a strong security posture, incident response plan and CISO appointment clearly reduced this cost.**

Isn’t Security the same as Privacy? No. But they are related.

Security is a reasonably concrete concept however, privacy is abstract in that it is molded by personal views, society, markets and law.

How can companies manage privacy?

The key is to understanding it and looking at the bigger picture. Understanding what your employees could be doing online and educating them on the importance
of company privacy and security.

Keeping your workforce up to date on the latest security and privacy policies benefits everyone. According to the Global Cost of Data Breaches Study**,
30% of data breaches were down to human error.

There are good tools and services available to help businesses stay ahead of the game. A hacker will target the low hanging fruit, the corporations that
haven’t invested as much time or consideration into their security policies, solutions and infrastructure.

To help businesses stay in the lead, F-Secure offer a private VPN product called F-Secure Freedome for Business, which ensures corporate devices are untrackable
and invisible online with its connection and tracking protection features.

Overall message…

“Be Careful. Privacy is like a living thing we are trying to keep in a box but it keeps trying to get out!” – Ifeanyi Nwabueze, Technical Sales Engineer,

Guest Writer and credit to Nicola Wells – F-Secure Corporate Marketing Manager