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Adaptive Security

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Adaptive Security

Compress Response Time – Shorten the feedback loop by answering root cause questions in seconds. Use the unified view of live and historical endpoint activity across the enterprise to quickly anticipate and respond to threats.

Quickly Adapt to Changing Threats – Programmable, intelligent agent gets smarter over time and can automatically take action based on behaviours.

Stop Threats in Real Time – Customisable patent-pending logic rules engine on the endpoint recognizes and acts on threats at chip speed to stop threats in real time.

Get Intelligent Endpoint Visibility – Lightweight agent provides real-time visibility at the kernel level on desktops, laptops, and servers.

Cyber Threat Hunting & Reducing the Risk of a Successful Breach

Nuix Adaptive Security delivers a proactive approach that provides the visibility, adaptability, and control you’ve been missing with your traditional endpoint products. By leveraging endpoint analytics, Adaptive Security can reduce the time it takes to detect an impending or ongoing attack, accelerate recovery time, easily adapt to changing environments, regulations and attack vectors, and ultimately stop incidents in their tracks.

How do we do this?

Nuix Adaptive Security has perfected the art of continuous monitoring and response to isolate the important (and often small) signals from the noise and identify when behaviours are exhibiting uncharacteristic patterns.

Adaptive Security relies on two fundamental and unique elements to drive the protect-detect-respond-remediate process:

  1. The Digital Behaviour Recorder™ continuously monitors and records key digital behaviours including sessions, processes, images, registry, DNS queries, NetFlow, files, removable media, printer activity, and keylogs.
  2. The patent-pending logic engine provides customizable logic on the endpoint, enabling it to recognize and act on threats in real time.

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