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Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication

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Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA is fully integrated with CensorNet’s Unified Security Service (USS) that also includes Email Security, Web Security, and Cloud Application Security. USS provides a single web portal for central policy configuration and management, as well as data visualisation and reporting.

MFA is primarily cloud-based, simplifying implementation and accelerating time to value for organisations of all sizes. No complex infrastructure is required, and easy to install authentication clients are available for all major vendors.

The Cloud MFA service is available in addition to the CensorNet on-premise MFA product that is specifically for organisations that want core components running within their own environments. Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication provides a single pane of glass to analyse and manage user authentication activity across multiple systems, services, and applications regardless of whether users are on the corporate network or working remotely.

Cloud MFA at a glance…

  1. 100% cloud-based backend simplifies implementation and management
  2. Designed to deliver an unrivaled user experience, architected for superior security
  3. Multi-tenant and multi-tiered – ideally suited to organisations of any size as well as MSPs
  4. Session-specific one-time passcodes (OTPs) locked to individual sessions to prevent phishing
  5. Real-time generated OTPs provide improved security over predetermined time-based sequences
  6. Dispatch policies offer a choice of OTP delivery methods with automatic fail-over for delivery assurance regardless of user situation or location
  7. One-click lockout of individual users to immediately revoke access to all MFA protected services
  8. CensorNet app for Android and Apple iOS devices for end-to-end encrypted OTP push notifications
  9. Out-of-the-box support for a wide range of systems, services and applications including all major VPN vendors (including Citrix and Cisco), Microsoft (including OWA) and major cloud applications (including O365 and Salesforce)
  10. Fully integrated with Microsoft® Active Directory
  11. Multi-layered highly scalable and resilient backend with intelligent load balancing

Key Features

Authentication Clients / Protocol Support, Vendor Support, OTP Dispatch Policies, OTP Random Code Generator, SMS Type, CensorNet MFA Mobile App, OTP Transmission.

CensorNet Cloud MFAProduct Benefits

Real-Time session-specific One-Time Passcodes (OTPs) – Incorporates highly secure OTPs, and enables you to lock to individual sessions to prevent phishing

Wide Application Support – Supports a wide range of systems, services, and applications including all major VPNs and web applications (via ADFS)

Automatic Delivery Failover – Supports OTP delivery via email, SMS, voice and the CensorNet app with automatic failover between methods for high delivery assurance

Integrated with AD – Fully integrated with Microsoft® Active Directory with the Unified Security Service (USS) AD Connector software/service

Ease of Deployment – Easy to install agents for on-premise services, which connect to a 100% cloud-based backend.

User Experience – Intuitive enrolment, easy to read MemoPasscodes™ and live status feedback showing OTP expiry

CensorNet Opinion

The astonishing volume of large scale data breaches should be enough to convince anyone to enable MFA wherever it’s available. In fact, if you haven’t enabled MFA on your IaaS and PaaS admin accounts then stop reading this and do it now –or call someone to do it – before your entire virtual enterprise disappears.

Richard Walters, Chief Security Strategist – CensorNet

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