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Cloud Threat Detection – CTD

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Cloud Threat Detection – CTD

Easily enhance McAfee protections to convict advanced malware and expose evasive threats.

An array of the latest analytics from McAfee—including machine learning—identifies malware and converts convictions into action, updating protections to thwart similar attacks in the future.

Key Benefits:

  1. Reduce the risk of unknown threats damaging your business
  2. Harness Big Data and machine learning power
  3. Optimise security investments. Simplify deployment of advanced threat analysis

Organisations face an uphill battle as clever malware continues to evade traditional defences. Advanced detection solutions help, but they may seem complex and expensive if you have limited security staff and resources. Most also don’t integrate with protection infrastructure, so they let the vulnerability window increase as responders scramble to take action. What’s needed? Cost-effective advanced detection that’s dead simple to deploy and use: McAfee Cloud Threat Detection. This convenient new service plugs into existing McAfee solutions to convict advanced malware and expose evasive threats. As a cloud offering, it lets you easily take advantage of massive computing horsepower that operates an array of the latest analysis techniques. You can enhance detection and optimise existing security investments.

Machines versus Emerging and Evasive Malware

With McAfee Cloud Threat Detection, static analysis engines go to work extracting file details. Comprehensive file type coverage provides much-needed context to grey files, effectively identifying both malicious and clean files. In addition, behavioural analysis engages as the file also runs in a sandbox environment. Anything the malware does is recorded, reviewed, and evaluated for malicious intent. Did the file generate a random folder, write a new file to it, and delete the original file? Did it disguise outreach to unknown or suspicious URLs between traffic to known sites like Google, Amazon, or Facebook? These are just a few examples of behaviours the McAfee Cloud Threat Detection service can use to classify an unknown file. These processes also reveal the metadata, URLs, filenames, folder locations, and more that we report back to customers, so they can investigate and see if other machines have been compromised.

Fast-Acting, Affordable, and Small-Business Friendly

As a cloud-based service, you simply enter an encrypted shared key from your integrated McAfee product, so provisioning is fast. If you have distributed systems, there’s no need to backhaul traffic to a data centre, just send it to the cloud. Our experts take care of ongoing

maintenance and implement updates and upgrades transparently. Instead of up-front capital expenditures, volume-based subscription pricing that covers all integrated McAfee solutions eliminates cost-based barriers to entry.

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