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Complete Data Protection – CDB

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Complete Data Protection – CDB

Sensitive data is constantly at risk of loss, theft, and exposure. Many times, the data simply walks right out the front door on a laptop or USB device. Companies that suffer such a data loss risk serious consequences, including regulatory penalties, public disclosure, brand damage, customer distrust, and financial losses. According to a Ponemon Institute report, 7% of all corporate laptops will be lost or stolen sometime during their useful life. The rapid proliferation of mobile devices with large storage capacities and often internet access is opening up even more channels for data loss or theft, so protecting sensitive, proprietary, and personally identifiable information must be a top priority. McAfee® Complete Data Protection Suites address all of these concerns and many more.

Key Features

  1. Drive encryption
  2. File and removable media protection
  3. Management of native encryption

Enterprise-Grade Drive Encryption

Secure your confidential data with an enterprise-grade security solution that is FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL2+ certified, and accelerated with the Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard—New Instructions (Intel AES-NI) set. McAfee Complete Data Protection uses drive encryption combined with strong access control via two-factor pre-boot authentication to prevent unauthorised access to confidential data on endpoints, including desktops, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) workstations, laptops, Microsoft Windows tablets, USB drives, and more.

Removable Media, File and Folder, and Cloud Storage Encryption

Ensure that specific files and folders are always encrypted, regardless of where data is edited, copied, or saved. McAfee Complete Data Protection features content encryption that automatically and transparently encrypts the files and folders you choose on the fly—before they move through your organisation. You create and enforce central policies based on users and user groups for specific files and folders without user interaction.

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