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Complete Endpoint Threat Protection – CTP

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Complete Endpoint Threat Protection – CTP

The kinds of threats your organization faces require high visibility and tools that allow you to act and take ownership of the complete threat defence lifecycle. This means arming your security specialists with capabilities that act with greater precision and that offer stronger insights into advanced threats.

McAfee Complete Endpoint Threat Protection provides advanced defences that investigate, contain, and take action against zero-day threats and sophisticated attacks. Core endpoint protection works with integrated machine learning and dynamic containment to detect zero-day threats in near real time, classifying and halting them before they can infect your systems. Actionable forensic data and reports keep you informed and help you make the move from responding to outbreaks to investigating and hardening your defences. And, because it is built using an extensible framework, you can add other advanced threat defences with ease, both today and in the future, as your needs and the threat landscape evolve.

Key Advantages:

  1. Help you stay ahead of zero-day threats, ransomware, and greyware with machine learning and DAC
  2. Speeds remediation and protect your productivity with automated actions and analysis
  3. Simplifies your environment, deployment, and ongoing management with centralized management

Automated, Advanced Threat Defences

You need to stop advanced threats before they start. That’s why McAfee Complete Endpoint Threat Protection includes Dynamic Application Containment (DAC) and Real Protect1 technologies. DAC automatically contains greyware and suspicious zero-day threats when malicious behaviours are detected, preventing them from infecting your systems or impacting your users. Using machine learning, Real Protect is able to investigate and classify threats, saving the insights it gains for future actions that can be taken automatically.

Built to Reduce Complexity

Complexity is the enemy of efficiency. Now you don’t have to spend time trying to manage multiple point solutions with different interfaces and management consoles. McAfee Complete Endpoint Threat Protection is managed using a single console: McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO™) software. With this single pane of glass, you’re able to more quickly ramp up, speed deployment times, and reduce ongoing management burdens. Customers with multiple operating systems in their environment will be able.

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