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Data Centre Security Suite for Databases – DCD

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Data Centre Security Suite for Databases – DCD

Poorly protected databases are a cybercriminal’s dream come true. They contain your company’s most valuable and easily exploitable data, all nicely packaged in convenient locations. It’s no wonder that databases are the leading target of sophisticated cyberattacks by hackers and are increasingly exploited by privileged users inside organisations.

However, there is plenty you can do to protect your company’s databases and reputation. By deploying McAfee Data Centre Security Suite for Databases, you can easily achieve powerful protection and demonstrate compliance for your company.

McAfee Data Centre Security Suite for Databases offers real-time protection for business-critical databases from all types of threats: external, internal, and even intradatabase exploits. This software-based solution provides robust security and continuous compliance without requiring architecture changes, costly hardware, or downtime. McAfee Data Centre Security Suite for Databases comprises several industry-leading McAfee security products to deliver comprehensive protection that goes far beyond native, easily bypassed database security capabilities. The modular nature of the McAfee Database Security solution allows you to customize and tune database protection, automating the processes of database discovery, protection, monitoring, and security management. This solution does not require specialised database system knowledge, so it helps your IT team achieve rapid time to value.

Key Advantages

  1. Real-time visibility and protection against today’s toughest and stealthiest threats for all business-critical databases
  2. Ultimate customisation and fine-tuning for data protection enables automatic discovery, monitoring, and security management for databases.
  3. Single pane console via McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO™) software converges databases into a unified security management program.
  4. Detects and protects attempted attacks and intrusions in real time without requiring database downtime or application testing
  5. McAfee won SC Magazine’s award for Best Database Security Solution in 2012 and 2013.

McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases – Automatically discovers all databases and helps you assess potential vulnerabilities.

McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases allows you to perform a fully automated discovery of all databases within your environment, along with a thorough scan to identify which of those contain sensitive data, such as payment card information, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, and more. McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases also gives you detailed, actionable information to help you prioritise and remediate those security gaps, saving your organisation the considerable expense of outside security consultants while better preparing you for compliance audits.

McAfee Vulnerability Manager advantages include:

  1. More than 4,700 scans/checks (twice as many as the competition), including unsecure PL/SQL code scanning, and fast password checking (two times faster than the competition)
  2. Checks are added for newly discovered vulnerabilities within 72 hours in most cases.
  3. Integration with database activity monitoring (DAM) technologies to automate vulnerability mitigation and populating rule objects for dynamic policy updates

McAfee Database Activity Monitoring – Provides real-time visibility into all database activity, including privileged user access.

McAfee Database Activity Monitoring provides real-time visibility into all database activity, including local privileged user access and sophisticated attacks from within the database. It protects your databases with a set of preconfigured defences and helps you build a custom security policy for your environment. It also makes it easier to demonstrate compliance to auditors and helps improve critical asset data protection. In addition, this powerful monitoring solution prevents intrusion by terminating sessions that violate security policy, while providing a reliable audit trail of all database user activity.

McAfee Database Activity Monitoring advantages include:

  1. Deep memory analysis of statements’ execution plan, which maximizes visibility and protection from all sources of attacks
  2. Monitors external threats, privileged insiders, and sophisticated threats from within the database
  3. Minimizes risk and liability by stopping attacks before they cause damage
  4. Saves time and money with faster deployment and a more efficient architecture
  5. Non-intrusive architecture with no downtime required to install, upgrade or uninstall

McAfee Virtual Patching for Databases – Helps you protect databases from potential breaches prior to installing vendor-released patch

McAfee Virtual Patching for Databases shields databases from the risk presented by unpatched vulnerabilities. McAfee Virtual Patching for Databases protects unpatched databases by detecting and preventing attempted attacks and intrusions in real time without requiring database downtime or application testing.

This virtual patching solution also helps you continue to protect databases running old database management system (DBMS) versions that are no longer supported by the vendor, adding to the useful life of legacy databases and saving your organisation time and money.

McAfee Virtual Patching for Databases advantages include:

  1. Integration with DAM technology, which provides complete protection from all attack vectors and from all advanced techniques
  2. Protection against known vulnerabilities and exploits—without any changes to databases or applications
  3. Protection is provided by McAfee 48 to 72 hours after a vulnerability is published or a patch is release by a database vendor.

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