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Data security is a never-ending challenge. On one hand, IT organisations are required to keep up with regulations and protect intellectual property from targeted attacks and accidental exposure. On the other, they must adapt to macro IT movements, such as the adoption of cloud applications, hybrid cloud environments and BYOD trends, all of which increase the ways data can leave your organisation.

This expanding attack surface poses the most significant challenge to protecting critical data. Data security teams take the seemingly logical approach to chase data: find it, catalogue it and control it. Yet this traditional approach to data loss prevention is no longer effective because it ignores the biggest variable in data security — your people.

Instead of focusing solely on data, security should begin and end with people. The key is to gain visibility into user interactions with data and applications. Once this is achieved, you can apply a level of control based on the specific user’s risk and the sensitivity or value of the data.

An organisation’s data protection program must consider the human point — the intersection of users, data and networks. In addition, the enterprise must remain vigilant of data as it moves across the enterprise and highlight the people who create, touch and move data.


“The wealth of information at Toyota, including intellectual property and other sensitive data, is essential to our business, which means, protection of these resources is absolutely necessary”

Andrea Cappelloni, IT Manager
Toyota Motor Italia  S.P.A


Unparalleled Accuracy-Securing IP

Discover and protect unknown PII and PHI, source code, engineering drawings, M&A documents, financials, trading algorithms, and sensitive trade secrets.

Prevent Cloud Data Loss from a Single Console

Gain visibility and control over data at rest, in motion, or in use across popular enterprise cloud apps, including Office 365, Box, Salesforce, and more.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance Across 80+ Countries in Minutes

Prepare your business with built-in expertise for regulations involving PII, PHI/HIPAA, and 2018 GDPR.


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