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Drive Encryption – MDE

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Drive Encryption – MDE

Intel Security drive encryption solutions protect valuable data on PC laptops and desktop computers with full drive encryption and strong access control. When a PC or Mac with managed encryption is lost or stolen, it’s generally not considered to be a breach event because the data is “unusable, unreadable, or indecipherable to unauthorised individuals.” Without encryption or proof- of-protection through managed encryption, the biggest security concern is around the possibility of a data breach. The breach of confidential corporate or customer data can result in loss of intellectual property, industry and legal noncompliance penalties, and more.

Key features:

  1. Encrypts all data on PCs.
  2. Enforces strong access control with pre-boot authentication.
  3. Uses military-strength, certified encryption algorithms (FIPS, Common Criteria).
  4. Enables automatic, transparent encryption in the background.
  5. Enhances performance through support for Intel AES-NI technology.
  6. Supports environments with software and hardware-based encryption, including solid-state and self-encrypting drives.
  7. Optimises policy enforcement automatically for each client, regardless of whether the PC uses software- or hardware-based encryption or if it’s a new or existing device.
  8. Supports multifactor authentication via password or a wide variety of supported tokens and smartcards.

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