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Endpoint Protection Suite

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Endpoint Protection Suite

Trustwave Endpoint Protection Suite

To be effective, endpoint protection has to be both comprehensive and easy. It should embrace all the devices your organisation uses to get business done. From small and midsize businesses to large enterprises, endpoint protection should secure against the full threat spectrum by including anti-malware, policy enforcement and compliance management. And, its adoption should be simple and affordable.

Trustwave Endpoint Protection Suite (EPS) delivered from the cloud is designed to address all of these things. Whether you’re looking to improve how you deploy and manage policy and block malware on the desktop, control mobile BYOD device access to your network or audit your mobile point-of-sale (POS) devices and streamline compliance, Trustwave has you covered.


SecurityOn the Desktop, it provides real-time protection against malware and other threats on the endpoint, remote or removable drives and files downloaded from the internet – and scans for dormant threats waiting to be activated. On mobile devices, it performs a series of health audits to proactively protect and defend your fleet of mobile POS devices.

Regain control of your endpoints with real-time visibility into application usage and policy-based control of the applications running on your network.

Policy Ensures endpoint security settings are properly configured and gives maximum visibility and control. Eliminates major data loss risk by assuring endpoints are free of unencrypted credit card data.

Provides review and reporting on all of your point-of-sale applications to ensure you’re running the latest versions.

Compliance Easily meet PCI DSS requirements and ensure rapid malware detection with consistent reporting on file changes, including those made by malware, unauthorized users and Windows updates.

Delivers a simplified method for collecting and centrally storing required Windows logs for your compliance and security audits and works with Trustwave SIEM to provide event correlation, alerting and reporting.

Integrated Endpoint Protection Security that works together provides stronger, faster protection. With Trustwave Endpoint Protection Suite, you gain a single pane of glass that allows you to monitor your mobile and fixed endpoints simultaneously.

Capabilities include managed and automated policy, compliance and security controls that ensure powerful, and consistent protection across all your endpoints.

Cloud DeliverySimplifies your endpoint protection with delivery from the cloud.

Trustwave Endpoint Protection Suite provides hassle-free security with no hardware to install or maintain, saving you time, money and resources that givemyou the ultimate in simplified endpoint protection.

ReportingComprehensive and customizable reports put all the information at your fingertips to give you 360-degree visibility of your organisation’s endpoint activity – with dashboard and detailed views across your malware, policy and compliance risk levels.

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