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Endpoint Security 10 – ENS

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Endpoint Security 10 – ENS

Next-Generation Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security 10.5 is the newest security solution for endpoints; providing comprehensive next-generation security protection, simplified installation, and vastly improved performance over legacy security products. Endpoint Security optimizes, consolidates, and improves on protections formerly offered by VirusScan Enterprise, Host IPS, and Site Advisor web filtering, resulting in an integrated, efficient new platform.

Endpoint Security 10.5 facilitates layered and connected endpoint protection, providing comprehensive intelligent defence against both known and unknown threats. The Endpoint Security framework is the foundation for McAfee’s next-generation endpoint security solution, integrating with McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) to offer a comprehensive, single-pane-of-view, enterprise security solution.

Threat Prevention

The Endpoint Security Threat Prevention module replaces McAfee VirusScan® Enterprise 8.8, and Host Intrusion Prevention® – IPS security protections. Improved security capabilities introduced in Endpoint Security Threat Prevention are superior to, and not available in the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise or Host IPS legacy products.

Key benefit: Threat Prevention immediately provides scalable protection against the following threats:

  1. Viruses, worms, and Trojans
  2. Access point violations
  3. Buffer overflow exploits
  4. Potentially unwanted code and programs
  5. Vulnerability focused detection
  6. Zero-day exploit detection


Key benefit: An integrated, stateful firewall blocks malicious inbound and outbound network traffic

The Endpoint Security Firewall module updates and replaces the McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention® – Firewall.

  1. Dynamically inspects network traffic to determine the level of risk to your network
  2. Define trusted networks and trusted/untrusted executables in ePO policy and local client interface
  3. Connection isolation to prevent undesirable traffic from accessing networks
  4. Timed firewall groups from the system tray for end-user VPN connections at unsecured Wi-Fi access points
  5. Enhanced Proxy support for DNS Blocking and Global Threat Intelligence (GTI)

Web Control

Key benefit: Secure, regulate, and monitor all web browser activity

The Endpoint Security Web Control module updates and replaces McAfee SiteAdvisor® Enterprise.

  1. Support for Private URL blocking
  2. Updated for newest Firefox and Chrome browsers
  3. File reputation checks reputation before downloading files
  4. Block Edge browsers with browser control policy
  5. Granular reporting for all web related activity

Adaptive Threat Protection

Adaptive Threat Protection (ATP) is a new module available for ENS 10.5, you can view the full details here.

Key benefit: Provides next-generation, context-aware, adaptive security for endpoints

  1. Provides containment protection for unknown applications and prevents them from performing malicious behaviour
  2. Configure thresholds to log, limit or block actions contained executables perform
  3. Fast detection and protection against security threats and malware
  4. Provides threat intelligence functionality from McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange server
  5. Adaptive Threat Protection is an optional Endpoint Security module

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