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Endpoint Threat Defence & Response – EDR1

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Endpoint Threat Defence & Response – EDR1

Detect zero-day malware, secure patient-zero, and combat advanced attacks.

The escalating sophistication of cyberthreats requires a new generation of protection for endpoints. Advancing threats and the increasing risk of unknown vulnerabilities are causing organizations to piece together overlapping, disconnected security solutions that provide limited visibility and increased complexity. McAfee solves this problem with McAfee Endpoint Threat Defence and McAfee Endpoint Threat Defence and Response. Both solutions leverage static and behavioural analysis and synthesised intelligence to protect, detect, correct, and adapt to combat emerging threats. Unified security components act as one through an open, integrated approach with shared visibility and threat intelligence and simplified workflows. Connected security and actionable threat forensics provide a secure infrastructure to quickly and confidently convict threats and stay ahead of potential attackers.

Key Advantages

  1. Detect, protect, and correct while proactively adapting your defences against zero-day malware, greyware, and ransomware.
  2. Protect more effectively using dynamic reputations, behavioural analysis, and machine-learning.
  3. Minimise impact to users and trusted enterprise applications with enhanced protection.
  4. Respond and remediate more threats, faster with threat intelligence shared across your security ecosystem.
  5. Streamline incident investigation and remediation with unified workflows and a single console for management through McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO™) software.

Find and eliminate advanced threats

McAfee Endpoint Threat Defence and Response rapidly detects, contains, investigates, and eliminates advanced threats.

Defend against ransomware – By combining static and dynamic behaviour analysis with continuous visibility and powerful insights, McAfee Endpoint Threat Defence and Response protects against the most advanced threats, including ransomware.

Enterprise-wide threat protection – Quickly expose, hunt, stop, and remediate advanced threats at a single endpoint or across your entire organisation, and then update security policies to protect against future attacks.

Secure the initial target of an attack – Machine learning and static and dynamic behavioural analysis is used in pre and post-execution
analysis to block zero-day malware and secure the patient zero.

Synthesise threat intelligence – Combine local, global, and third-party intelligence to get conclusive malware identifications and automatically adapt security.

Resolve more threats, faster, with fewer resources.

Quickly expose, hunt, and remediate advanced attacks – Accelerate investigations and automate responses with real-time data that can quickly identify the full scope of an attack.

Prioritise and remediate advanced attacks – Pinpoint where threats are attempting to establish a foothold so your responders can immediately contain and remediate, reducing exposure from months to minutes or even milliseconds.

Increase capacity and focus – Unified intelligence, components, and management allow you to resolve more threats faster, while optimising scale and flexibility.

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