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Endpoint Threat Protection – ETP

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Endpoint Threat Protection – ETP

There is no doubt that the threat landscape will continue to evolve. You already know that mounting a strong defence begins at the endpoint. However, it can be difficult to get the protection you need today. You also want the ability to add new technologies over time without creating complex, siloed security operations. McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection offers the essential protection you need today and keeps you ready for tomorrow’s advanced threat defence requirements. It delivers integrated threat prevention, firewall, web, email, and device control defences that work together in real time to analyse and collaborate against threats, blocking and quickly remediating them before they impact your systems or users.

Key Points:

  1. Strengthen your security posture with layers of collaborative protection technologies.
  2. Get the flexibility to easily expand your protection as your needs change.
  3. Increase productivity with centralized management, zero-impact user scans, and minimal impact to system resources.

An Integrated Solution for Today and Tomorrow.

With McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection, you can replace disconnected point product deployments with a connected, collaborative framework and near real-time protection across multiple protection technologies. This not only allows for stronger analysis of threats, it also enables the threat forensic data that is gathered to be shared with other defences to make them more intelligent and help them more quickly identify and block threats on other endpoints or when encountered by a different entry point.

Deployment is also flexible, thanks to this approach. You can install everything that comes with your purchase today and decide what functionality will be configured and active now. You can easily activate the capabilities you decide to use later with a policy change. Lastly, our framework lets you easily expand your protection as your needs change, thanks to an architecture designed to include additional technologies.

This ensures that you are ready at any time to introduce other advanced protection capabilities to defend against more sophisticated threats.

Affordable Protection—Without Sacrificing Performance

McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection offers an expandable framework with core protection technologies. It increases productivity for you and your users without introducing complexity or sacrificing performance. For example, your operations will run more efficiently due to centralised management via McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO™) software, which offers a single pane of glass to deploy, monitor, and manage security policies across your environment. Customers with multiple operating systems in their environment will be able to increase their productivity using cross-platform policies for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux systems. And, because a common language (Data Exchange Layer, or DXL) is used by the components of McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection, you can optimise processes between technologies and speed responses to threats, reducing risks by narrowing the window of exposure.

Your users will also get increased productivity with zero-impact user scans, memory, and CPU use, which are optimized to minimize the impact to systems. An intuitive user interface also comes standard and makes it easy for you and your users to get quick insights into which actions have been taken and why.

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