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Host Intrusion Prevention – HIPS

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Host Intrusion Prevention – HIPS

Advanced vulnerability protection for desktops and laptops

Managing security and controlling connectivity for desktop and laptop computers across an organisation is increasingly challenging with the growing number of profit-driven cybercriminals and the sophisticated nature of today’s threats. As workers become more mobile, additional pressure is placed on IT to ensure that users connect safely to the corporate network. Additionally, organisations need zero-day protection against threats to gain more time to properly prioritise, test, and deploy the necessary patches.

The Challenge

Antivirus alone is not enough, as attacks and vulnerability exploits are being released faster and are becoming more complex. The solution is to implement a proactive security strategy that prevents attacks from happening in the first place. With a proactive approach to securing endpoints, IT departments can ensure that all endpoints and confidential data are protected and business continuity is maintained.

McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktop

As an integral part of the Intel® Security endpoint suites, McAfee® Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktop delivers unprecedented levels of protection from known and unknown zero-day threats by combining signature and behavioural intrusion prevention system (IPS) protection with a dynamic, stateful firewall. McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktop reduces patching frequency and urgency, preserves business continuity and employee productivity, protects data confidentiality, and simplifies regulatory compliance.

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