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Hybrid Cloud Security

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Hybrid Cloud Security

Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security allow organisations to simplify security management and improve visibility across physical, virtual, cloud, and container environments.

Virtual Cloud PhysicalHybrid Cloud Security – Proven Virtualisation Security

The Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security solution, powered by XGen™, brings protection and visibility to secure your virtualised environments. This includes — VMware Cloud™ on AWS—and furthermore removes the complexity and risk of managing security across multiple environments. It features Deep Security, which optimises security for virtualised data centres. This therefore helps operations and security teams to maximise security with minimal impacts on performance. It delivers decreased risk, lower operational costs, and most noteworthy, rapid response to threats. All this with automatic policy management, hypervisor-based security, and central visibility and control.

Hybrid Cloud Security – Automated Cloud Security

Deep Security helps to defend your cloud workloads. It addresses the need to protect what is deployed IN the cloud due to the shared security responsibility. It provides elastic security for dynamic workloads running in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft® Azure™, Google Cloud, and more. Above all for organisations embracing micro-services with containers, Deep Security protects Docker containers, extending frictionless host protection through to the container itself, allowing a secure and agile DevOps model.

Hybrid Cloud Security – Continuous Container Security

Deep Security works seamlessly in the cloud to protect not only your workloads but also your container environments. It is designed with strong API integration for leading cloud vendors. Consequently, IT security can protect cloud environments with auto-generated deployment scripts for critical security controls. It also allows exceptional protection for containers and the Docker host, while DevSecOps can bake security into the CI/CD pipeline for frictionless pre-runtime scanning and automated protection of images.

Hybrid Cloud Security – Data Centre Security

Deep Security consolidates all server security functions into one comprehensive, integrated, and flexible platform that optimises protection across for your data centre operations and security teams.

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