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Transform your data into actionable insight

Parsing hundreds of trivial alerts. Managing a mountain of data. Manually forwarding info from your endpoints. Forget that. InsightIDR instantly arms you with the insight you need to make better decisions across the incident detection and response lifecycle, faster.


Rapid7 InsightIDR – 3 Minute Overview

Unify Your Stack

 InsightIDR combines the capabilities of SIEM, EDR, and UBA to get more out of your existing security and network investments and
expand monitoring to include endpoints, logs, and cloud services. In other words, we leave attackers with nowhere to hide.

  1. Gain visibility into user behaviour and stolen credentials, the top attack vector behind breaches.
  2. Centralise all of your log data and receive automated security insight to detect incidents.
  3. Expose malicious and risky behaviour across endpoints and cloud services.

Detect Compromised User Accounts

Compromised credentials and lateral movement are consistently the top attack vectors behind breaches. Can you detect that type of activity today? With InsightIDR, you can reliably detect attacks from insiders and intruders masking as employees.

  1. Find the top attack vectors behind breaches: compromised credentials, malware, and phishing.
  2. Identify risky user behaviour, including non-expiring passwords, shared accounts, unknown admins, and activity on the endpoint.

Know Before Things Get Critical

Drawing from our experience investigating thousands of incidents, our global analyst teams have crafted Attacker Behaviour Analytics – an ever-evolving library of detections to expose successful attacker techniques. With InsightIDR, you’ll get both User and Attacker Behaviour Analytics. Because what’s helpful about getting an alert only after critical assets have been breached.

  1. Receive just 10-15 prioritised alerts per day, all highlighting the key things you need to know about your network.
  2. Catch the use of stolen credentials and lateral movement, and highlight the exact users and assets affected, with UBA.
  3. Identify the stealthiest attacker techniques with pre-built detections crafted by our MDR and threat intel teams.
  4. Deceive attackers with our included deception technology: honeypots, honey users, honey credentials, and honey files.

Move with Purpose

InsightIDR doesn’t just alert on every anomaly in a data set—thanks to enriched log search and automated investigations, each alert comes with meaningful context and highlights network happenings to help focus your efforts.

  1. Validate and triage alerts 10x faster with automated user context.
  2. Compile real-time user activity, log search, and endpoint data in just one solution.
  3. Search across all of your log data and customise reports to your needs.

Insight IDR is one of THE top SIEM and UBA solutions on the market today. Don’t just take our word for it, listen to one of Rapid7’s customers talk about his experience of using InsightIDR…




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