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Each year the amount of data grows exponentially, the threat of attacks become more sophisticated, and the challenges of minimising risk and optimising operations becomes more challenging. It sometimes feels like a never-ending battle, but overcoming risk is possible by understanding it. How? Through shared visibility analytics, and automation – principles core to the practice of SecOps.

“Rapid7 has already implemented what VRM will look like in the future.”
— The Forrester Wave™: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q1 2018



Continuous Endpoint Monitoring

The Rapid7 Insight Agent automatically collects data from all your endpoints, even those from remote workers and sensitive assets that cannot be actively scanned, or that rarely join the corporate network.


Most software dashboards are static: a snapshot of your risk at a particular time, unclickable and instantly out of date. InsightVM Liveboards are live and interactive by nature. You can easily create custom cards and full dashboards for anyone—from system admins to CISOs—and query each card with simple language to track the progress of your security program.

Attacker-Based Risk Analysis

CVSS-based risk scores result in thousands of “critical” vulnerabilities. No business, even one with an army of analysts, has the time for that. Our Real Risk Score provides a more actionable, 1-1000 scale based on the likeliness of an attacker exploiting the vulnerability in a real attack. Backed up by threat feeds and business context, InsightVM lets you prioritize vulnerabilities the way attackers would.

Live Remediation Planning

Trash the thousand-page remediation reports, complex spreadsheets, and confusing back-and-forth email tag. With Remediation Workflows, security teams can assign and track remediation duties in real time, providing continuous visibility into how well issues are being fixed. Take it one step further by integrating InsightVM directly with IT’s ticketing systems to fold remediation seamlessly into their daily workload.

Cloud, Virtual and Container Assessment

The modern network is constantly changing. InsightVM integrates with cloud services, virtual infrastructure, and container repositories to make sure you don’t miss any new devices that are brought online. The gist of it all? You get full visibility into the risk across your physical, virtual, cloud, and application infrastructure.

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