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MOVE Antivirus for Virtual Servers – MOV

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MOVE Antivirus for Virtual Servers – MOV

Security for your private cloud without sacrificing performance

Traditional antivirus does not play well with virtualised infrastructure. McAfee® Management for Optimised Virtual Environments AntiVirus (McAfee MOVE AntiVirus) brings optimised, advanced malware protection to your virtualised desktops and servers. Implement across multiple hypervisors, or choose an agentless, tuned option for VMware NSX or VMware vCNS. Either way, you get top-rated security for instant threat detection and containment with minimal impact on virtual machine (VM) performance.

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus optimizes anti-malware protection for virtualised deployments, freeing hypervisor resources while ensuring up-to-date security scans are run according to policy.

Optimised Scanning Control

The dynamic nature of guest desktops and virtual servers requires careful handling. Images must be malware-free when users initiate a session. This can be challenging since users often begin work in groups, causing peak- demand “antivirus storms” that consume resources and prevent users from obtaining a session. To eliminate scanning bottlenecks and delays, McAfee MOVE AntiVirus offloads scanning, configuration, and .DAT update operations from individual guest images to an offload scan server. We build and maintain a global cache of scanned files to ensure that once a file is scanned and confirmed to be clean, subsequent VMs accessing the file won’t have to wait for a scan. Memory resource allocation for each VM decreases and can be released back to the resource pool for more effective utilisation. McAfee MOVE AntiVirus allows separate policies for on-access and on-demand scanning to enable fine-tuned security execution. For instance, administrators can assume some reasonable level of risk for real-time, on-access scans to avoid degrading performance and then use on-demand scanning with more rigid policies running at a later time when there’s less impact.

Additional McAfee MOVE AntiVirus Features Management and visibility:

  1. Instantly schedule an on-demand scan on a VM or group of VMs.
  2. Increase scanning precision with targeted on-demand scans.
  3. Automatically deploy an offload scanner on each hypervisor through integration with VMware NSX Service Composer.
  4. Stay on top of issues with dashboards, reports, and email alerts.

Simplified deployment and configuration:

  1. Deploy and configure an offload scanner on multiple hypervisors (agentless).
  2. Restore quarantined files using the McAfee ePO console (multiplatform).
  3. Detailed diagnostics for antivirus performance tuning.
  4. Seamless agentless and multiplatform policy management.

Agentless Option for VMware

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus leverages VMware NSX or VMware vCNS for better efficiency. In agentless deployments, these use the hypervisor as a high-speed connection to allow the McAfee MOVE AntiVirus security virtual machine (SVM) to scan VMs from outside the guest image. As it scans, the SVM will direct VMware NSX or VMware vCNS to cache good files and either delete, deny access to, or quarantine malicious files.

Multiplatform for All Major Hypervisors

In multiplatform installations, including vSphere, Hyper-V, KVM, and XenServer, the McAfee MOVE AntiVirus agent—a lightweight endpoint component—communicates to the SVM to broker the antivirus processing on behalf of each VM. McAfee MOVE AntiVirus agent maintains a local cache and manages policies and scanning functions.

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