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McAfee MVISION is a brand new solution portfolio from McAfee. It comprises MVISION ePO, Endpoint, Mobile and Cloud. EDR will be joining the family of solutions early 2019.

The solution complements native Windows 10 security, perfectly by adding advanced security features to those already included within Defender.



MVISION ePO is a Software-as-a-Service management tool. It will ensure that businesses can continue to manage their whole endpoint security estate from a single management console.

ePO is McAfee’s award-winning central management console which many analysts attribute to McAfee’s success. This new iteration unifies the security management of your device estate. Not only can you manage McAfee’s MVISION Endpoint Security through the console, but now also the native controls built into Windows meaning you can use shared policies cross solution.

Accessed and managed via any browser, ePO completely negates the need for expensive, difficult to manage, on-premise infrastructure. The platform is also continuously updated so you will always be on the latest and greatest version. This allows your IT team, and in particular, Security, to concentrate on what they do well – keeping the bad guys at bay.

The ability to manage your endpoint security estate efficiently has never been more important. The shortage of skilled security staff is only getting worse, so having just one console to learn and manage your entire estate from is going to help.

MVISION Endpoint

McAfee MVISION Endpoint gives you file, file less & behavioural machine learning analysis. Also, perhaps most importantly it provides centralised management for EVERY endpoint in your environment.

The extremely lightweight agents rolled out through ePO (more on MVISION ePO later) allow users to deploy across multiple devices including:

  • Computers – Linux, MacOS & Windows
  • Servers – Linux & Windows
  • IoT – Various
  • Mobile – Android & iOS

If your devices are encrypted, MVISION includes impressive roll back features that enable end users to quickly and easily recover files that are being held hostage by Ransomware.

Couple this with protection from credential and password theft, attack behaviour blocking AND machine learning capability and you have a cost-effective, advanced security solution that compliments Windows Defender perfectly.

MVISION Endpoint is available in a SaaS, Virtual or Local deployment model.


MVISION Mobile uses a three-pronged approach to protect mobile devices. It can protect Apple iOS and Google Android devices, the networks the devices connect to and it’s applications. Also, as an additional bonus, the solution protects devices whether they’re online or not.

As with most advanced products now, it also uses Machine Learning technology to identify never before seen threats. Its machine learning technology is fed by data from millions of other devices – Together is Power!

Not only does the solution allow devices to share threat intelligence, it also, provides seamless integration with ePO. ePO is McAfee’s award-winning central management console. This feature allows you to manage your mobile estate as you would any other endpoint.

The integration doesn’t end there though. Many organisations run more than one Enterprise EMM solution. Especially those that are particularly large and heavily segmented. MVISON Mobile will also integrate with all of the major EMM vendors. This will allow you to obtain critical mobile data and remediate against threats and vulnerabilities.

SIEM solutions will also benefit from the threat data generated by the software. It will allow SOC Analysts to incorporate mobile threat data into their operations to improve visibility across the whole estate.


MVISION Cloud will give you complete insight into all of your Cloud hosted data. It will provide you with the context you need to make informed security and risk-based decisions. You can also monitor user behaviour across all Cloud services and devices.

Giving you this insight is only worthwhile if you can do something with it. MVISION Cloud allows businesses to enforce policies across Cloud services in real-time.

Once discovered, Analysts can then remediate these threats in two ways. They can eliminate security misconfigurations and correct high-risk user activities.

For more information on McAfee’s MVISION portfolio contact one of our McAfee specialists on 01865 595510.

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