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Network Security Platform – IPS

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Network Security Platform – IPS

McAfee Network Security Platform is a uniquely intelligent security solution that discovers and blocks sophisticated threats in the network. Using advanced detection and emulation techniques, it moves beyond mere pattern matching to defend against stealthy attacks with a high degree of accuracy. This next-generation hardware platform scales to speeds of more than 40 Gbps with a single device to meet the needs of demanding networks. Our Unified Defense Architecture approach to security management streamlines security operations by combining real-time McAfee Global Threat Intelligence feeds with rich contextual data about users, devices, and applications for fast, accurate response to network-borne attacks.

Key Advantages

  1. Unparalleled advanced threat Prevention Signature-less, advanced malware analysis
  2. Inline browser and JavaScript emulation
  3. Advanced botnet and malware call back detection
  4. Behaviour-based analysis and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection
  5. Outbound SSL decryption
  6. Integration with McAfee Advanced Threat Defence and McAfee Cloud Threat Detection
  7. Whitelisting based on McAfee Global Threat Intelligence categories

Unified Defence Architecture

  1. Real-time threat sharing with McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange
  2. Endpoint context via McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator(McAfee ePO™) software

Protection Against Today’s Stealthy Threats

Your network faces advanced, stealthy attacks that can evade traditional detection methods, leaving your network exposed to crippling breaches and downtime. Unfortunately, most organisations lack the financial and operational resources to implement and manage the combination of tools and technologies required to provide adequate defence.

McAfee Network Security Platform is an integrated network security platform that combines intelligent threat prevention with intuitive security management to improve detection accuracy and streamline security operations. It provides industry-leading coverage against advanced threats, malware callbacks, zero-day threats, and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Built from the ground up for integration with the Unified Defense Architecture from McAfee, McAfee Network Security Platform leverages security data from across the organisation and helps plug the security gaps often missed by other pieced-together security solutions.

Comprehensive Malware Defence

No single malware detection technology can prevent all attacks, which is why McAfee Network Security Platform layers multiple signature and signature-less detection engines to help prevent unwanted malware from wreaking havoc on your network. It combines file reputation from McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, deep file analysis with JavaScript inspection, and an advanced anti-malware engine to detect custom malware and other stealthy attacks.

Visibility and Control

Make informed decisions about the applications and protocols on your network. McAfee Network Security Platform is the first and only IPS solution to combine advanced threat prevention and application awareness into a single security decision engine. We correlate threat activity with application usage, including layer 7 visibility of more than 1,500 applications and protocols, to allow you to make more informed decisions about which applications you allow on your network. In addition to application identification, McAfee Network Security Platform provides user and device visibility. It prioritises risky hosts and users, including active botnets, through the identification of anomalous network behaviour.

Performance and Scalability

Get the best of both worlds—security and high performance. McAfee Network Security Platform combines a single-pass, protocol-based inspection architecture with purpose-built, carrier-class hardware to achieve real-world inspection of more than 40 Gbps in a single device. Its ultra-efficient architecture preserves performance regardless of security settings, while other intrusion prevention system (IPS) solutions can experience up to 50% reduction in throughput with security-over-performance policies.

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