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Next Generation Firewall

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Next Generation Firewall

Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) connects and protects people and the data they use throughout the enterprise network – all with the greatest efficiency, availability and security. Trusted by thousands of customers around the world, Forcepoint network security solutions enable businesses, government agencies and other organisations to address critical issues efficiently and economically.

Forcepoint network security solutions are seamlessly and centrally managed, whether physical, virtual or in the cloud. Administrators can deploy, monitor and update thousands of firewalls, VPNs and IPSs in minutes, all from a single console – cutting network operating expenses by as much as 50%. Advanced clustering for firewalls and networks eliminates downtime, and administrators can rapidly map business processes into strong, accurate controls to block advanced attacks, prevent data theft and properly manage encrypted traffic – all without compromising performance.


“We saw an opportunity to combine router and advanced firewall capabilities to strengthen security across every site and accelerte throughput. We needed a solution with centralised administration that could be easily replicated every time we added a new mobile site, easing the management burden on our IT staff”

Christopher Hazeman, Head of IT Production


Decrypt Traffic While Safeguarding Privacy

Inspect attacks and stolen data hidden inside encrypted SSL/TLS traffic while still protecting users’ privacy.

Extend Your Network Into the Cloud

Deploy applications safely in Amazon Web Services, Azure, and VMware. Segment different service layers and manage virtual NGFWs and IPSs the same way as physical appliances.

Control Access to Web Content

Limit users’ access to entire categories of websites containing inappropriate or unsafe content with URL intelligence that’s depended upon around the globe.

Protect High-Assurance Systems

Safeguard your most sensitive, mission-critical networks and applications with Forcepoint’s renowned Sidewinder proxy technology.

Regain Control of Shadow IT

Understand the risk associated with unsanctioned cloud apps so you can redirect users to more appropriate apps or block them altogether.

Offer SD-WAN and NGFW Security as an MSSP

Manage enterprise-grade connectivity and protection from your own multi-tenant systems, with a business model tailored to the needs of MSSPs.


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