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Patch for Linux, Unix, Mac

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Patch for Linux, Unix, Mac

Protect Your Heterogenous Environments

You need patch management software in your toolbox that can handle today’s mixed-OS environments.

Extending patching beyond Windows is a must. And doing this efficiently–using a single interface and automated tool–not only frees up IT but also reduces human error while enhancing your defences. Ivanti Patch for Linux, UNIX, Mac, powered by Heat, swiftly detects vulnerabilities in today’s environment, from workstation to data centre. And it deploys expertly pre-tested patches automatically, helping organisations to patch with more efficiency and efficacy.

Extend agent-based patching beyond the Windows OS

Protect thousands of systems with a single tool, with patching support for Linux, UNIX, Mac, and third-party applications from hundreds of vendors. This one console, with automation built in, reduces the chance for error while simplifying the way you patch your mixed environment.

Automate vulnerability assessment and patch management

Patching isn’t an event, but a journey. With on-demand and intelligent scheduling, Ivanti Patch for Linux, UNIX, Mac brings clarity to vulnerabilities in your environment. New patch information is updated consistently and used to assess, and if desired, remediate vulnerabilities on systems automatically. Deployment tasks can be managed and controlled to ensure remediation is done without interrupting your users and critical infrastructure. This, married with compliance reporting, gives your organisation a clear view of the risks it faces. 

Key Features

  1. Single web-based console, with integrated reporting and alerting
  2. Centralised patch deployment
  3. Policy-based configuration, assessment, and deployment of patching Real-time customised reporting Comprehensive patch catalogue.

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