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Patch for Windows

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Patch for Windows

Everything You Need to Patch the OS, VMware, and Third-Party Applications

Updating software is now commonplace in the IT industry, and many believe it’s a solved problem. Yet plenty of organisations still struggle to keep systems up-to-date, especially with software updates beyond the OS. And because the data centre is the lifeblood of your organisation, your security practices must include comprehensive patch management to help keep workstations and servers secure, data readily available, and your business reputation intact. Ivanti Patch for Windows offers patch management that spans not only your physical and virtual servers but workstations as well. Find online and offline systems, scan for missing patches, and deploy them. Then patch everything from the Windows OS; virtual machines (VMs), virtual templates, and even the ESXi hypervisor with the product’s deep integration with VMware; and your most vulnerable third-party apps—in one easy-to-use solution that keeps the business safe and IT free to focus on core business goals.

Easy Patch Management Across the Environment

Eighty-six percent of reported vulnerabilities are found in third-party applications. With Patch for Windows, powered by Shavlik, you get patching support for Microsoft Windows and hundreds of popular vendors like iTunes, Oracle, Java, Adobe Flash and Reader, and more.

Discover and patch your physical and virtual servers easily, with or without an agent.

  1. Use the agentless features to reduce the footprint on physical and virtual servers
  2. Use the agent for on-premises systems that may need additional permissions or network configurations

Plus, the cloud synchronisation feature allows you to manage systems that don’t connect regularly to the corporate network. Agents can check in and receive policy updates from the cloud. You can update even templates and snapshots before they come online. If offline templates are kept current all the time, you can deploy a VM without having to worry about whether it’s up to date.


Comprehensive Patch Management

  1. Automated deployment of OS and third-party patches
  2. Agentless or agent patch deployment
  3. Automated patch process management, from discovery to assessment to the delivery of updates
  4. Support for custom application patches
  5. Precise reboot options

Ease of Use

  1. Intuitive interface
  2. All assets managed from a single pane of glass
  3. Comprehensive and flexible reports and dashboards
  4. Customised report views
  5. On-network agent
  6. Cloud-based agent for off-network management
  7. The most common IT functions executed with ITScripts

Virtualisation Support

  1. Patch online and offline virtual machines
  2. Patch templates before they go online
  3. Take snapshots before Patching for improved rollback
  4. Get VM information directly from VMware vCenter
  5. Patch the ESXi hypervisor, Microsoft Hyper-V®, and Citrix XenApp®, XenDesktop®, and Presentation Server™

Flexible Infrastructure

  1. Support for role-base administration
  2. Support for multiple configurations, including on and off-network patching, multiple distribution servers, and most network configurations
  3. Advanced API stack integrates with security solutions

Power pack add-on

  1. Turn off power-hungry machines when not in use
  2. Control power up, sleep and power down
  3. Wake up machines for maintenance windows, including critical patches
  4. Additional library of ITScripts that manage and maintain machines
  5. Use ITScripts out of the box, customize them, or import your own


  1. Cloud-based add-on for Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers
  2. Adds asset intelligence for enhanced Patchingmanagement and vulnerability remediation
  3. Provides complete visibility into hardware and software inventories
  4. Enhances warranty management
  5. Helps to rein in “configuration drift”

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