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Privilege Manager

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Privilege Manager

Provides advanced security to implement and maintain least privilege best practices without hindering business productivity. Uses policy-based application controls for whitelisting, blacklisting and greylisting for both domain-managed and non-domain endpoints.

Simple Least Privilege Implementation

Remove all Admin Credentials from Endpoints at once – Local admin accounts are privileged accounts. If a local admin clicks on a malicious link and downloads malware, their workstation could become “patient zero” in a catastrophic attack. When hackers gain privileges on one machine they can progress through your network and even cover their tracks by changing event logs.

Privilege Manager automatically removes admin rights from domain and non-domain managed endpoints, including hidden or hard-coded credentials. As a result, virtually all critical vulnerabilities are mitigated.

By focusing your endpoint protection plan first on removing privileged credentials you’ll tighten your attack surface and avoid spending time and resources on reactive detection and remediation.

Productivity Through Application Control

Easy for IT/Desktop Support. Seamless for Users – Most least privilege policies fail because removing admin rights negatively impacts users and creates more work for IT support teams.

Privilege Manager uses policy-based controls to elevate applications users need, without requiring admin credentials or requesting IT support. It automatically adds trusted applications to a whitelist, checks the latest threat intelligence from tools such as Virus Total and Cylance to create blacklists, and adds execution rules for unknown applications in the greylist. Sandboxing elevates applications in a limited way so they don’t have access to system controls or OS configurations. Because Privilege Manager elevates applications and not the user, it never leaves a window open for hackers.

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