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SecurAccess by SecurEnvoy is a leading authentication product and is consequently the solution of choice for organisations of all sizes thanks to its flexibility and seamless security. Get the confidence to realise your organisation’s full digital potential. No matter what the size, scale, or technology requirements we have you covered. Irrespective of whether that’s in a Cloud, on-premise or a hybrid solution.

As well as providing industry leading Authentication, SecurAccess includes several other key features.

SecurAccess SecurICE

When severe weather, transport strikes, or the threat of terrorist attacks occur; the need for secure immediate access is critical. Allowing users to gain immediate remote access with a password alone, isn’t strong enough. Enter SecurAccess SecurICE.

  1. On-premises software or hosted via managed provider
  2. Stay connected with employees in the case of an emergency and share critical information
  3. Use your mobile phone instead of a traditional hardware token in the case of an emergency
  4. Easiest MFA log-on experience in the industry
  5. Automatically deploy ICE users via LDAP group membership
  6. Deployment can scale to 100,000 users per hour
  7. Fixed yearly cost, pay per user, with no hidden extras

Zero Footprint – There is no software to deploy to the end user and as a result SMS allows a rapid deployment to your user base. SecurICE supports any mobile device or phone that can receive an SMS message. This approach expands the range of users to include not only internal staff but also third-parties and even consumers.

Real-Time Alerting – During an emergency when it can sometimes be difficult to reach people via phone and voice communication, SMS often receives priority. SecurEnvoy will pass Real-Time alerts to all employees or emergency staff to let them know what to do and details about the emergency. It’s also important to include further instructions alongside a One-time Passcode which SecurEnvoy will do. The user simply follows the instructions and can then continue working. This is a seamless workplace transition experience at scale.


SecurAccess SecurPasswordSecurAccess SecurEnvoy Mobile Passcode

User passwords are a pain to users and are time-consuming to reset. SecurAccess SecurPassword provides the only end-user experience that is simple to use and leverages true security.

Intelligent Password Security – End to end automation allows for automated alerts sent to the user for password resets, upcoming expiration or for validation.

Reduce Helpdesk Costs – Organisations are experiencing a 16-week return on investment on this implementation and even more impressive some experiencing a 100% reduction in helpdesk requests to reset user passwords.

SecurAccess SecurMail

Sending and receiving encrypted emails is not an easy or simple experience. Businesses rely on email and consequently an increasing amount of sensitive data sent across their networks. A revolutionary approach that doesn’t suffer from the overheads of deployment and encryption management; just rock-solid security that as a result gives you 100% confidence in your business communications. Introducing SecurAccess SecurMail.

The First Multi-Factor SecurMail – Sending and receiving encrypted emails is not an easy experience. Sending sensitive data across any networks is a major concern for businesses. SecurMail from SecurEnvoy provides a revolutionary approach that doesn’t suffer from the overheads of deployment and encryption management; just rock-solid security with a second factor of authentication and ease of use.

Intelligent Alerts – End to end automation allows for automated alerts that are passed to the sender. Intelligent alerts therefore provide peace of mind that the intended recipient has received the message, that the SecurMail has never been collected or that a recipient has keyed the OTP incorrectly. Furthermore if a brute force attack has been detected, the system can delete the SecurMail automatically.

Reduced Helpdesk Costs – SecurMail provides an additional factor to unlock the email. The decryption key is sent in two parts, one via email and one via SMS. The user simply clicks the link in the email, then accesses the One Time Passcode that is delivered via SMS. SecurEnvoy SMS codes are Fips140-2 randomly generated numbers with no keys. No customer sensitive data or keys are ever stored by SecurEnvoy therefore you can be sure that there are no back doors into your system.

SecurAccess Managed Cloud (SecurMC)

Today’s users have the ability to work independently of the corporate network. Cloud access has empowered users to work with data at any time, from anywhere. The market demands cost savings, optimum productivity and a renewed focus on environmental action. SecurEnvoy’s ethos is to give control back to the business and users without compromises on security or access.

The Cloud is Simplicity with Benefits – The purpose of SecurMC was to create a platform for customers and providers to choose how and who they want to deliver fully managed tokenless multi-factor authentication services.

SecurMC is about empowering the customer and offering choice, therefore providing all the benefits of Strong Authentication from one to hundreds of thousands of users all deployed within minutes by your chosen Cloud partner.


  1. Customer data managed either by the customer or SecurMC
  2. Deployment of Multiple domains, geographies and organisations is seamless

Fully Managed Authentication Services – The SecurEnvoy products are available as Cloud hosted solutions. Using our own network, or our network of integration partners these services use the principle of taking the time, effort and management away so consequently the customer can maximize operational efficiencies.

For our partners it’s an opportunity to attract a wide range of end users; from small businesses to larger enterprises, in a controlled and fully managed method.

For our prospective customers, the ability to release any additional hardware burden and reduce administrative and resource-intensive services, factors heavily in their decision-making process. Outsourcing is another opportunity to streamline business processes and benefit from released capital as a re-investment or a cost-saving activity.


  1. Security is second to none; complies with regulatory standards, including SOX, PCI and HIPAA
  2. Compromising seed records isnt possible as unlike other providers, we don’t generate seed records.
  3. Resilience; top System integrators and Hosting partners provide global reach.
  4. Scalability; most scalable solution available today – SecurMC caters for any size of business
  5. Speed to market; at a rate of 2100,000 users an hour, or a deployment speed of 100 users in less than 5 minutes!
  6. Managed Service; using global MSSP’s you don’t need to worry about managing the solution
  7. Simplicity of migration; move from any competitors platform with zero disruption of service

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